Dear Second Baby, I’m Not Sorry

Dear Second Baby,I'm Not Sorry

When I was pregnant with my second baby, someone told me that younger siblings aren’t as smart as the firstborn because they don’t receive as much one-on-one attention. As if the little baby karate-chopping my insides at that very moment was already starting off life at a disadvantage. Continue reading “Dear Second Baby, I’m Not Sorry”

A Judgmental Mother Visits McDonald’s

I used to be a very judgmental mother.

I was the perfect parent, except for one thing – I didn’t have any children yet. Well, I had one baby. One. He was a really easy baby. He smiled at everyone and was never grumpy, even when we changed his schedule. Looking back now, I realize that my life was pretty simple and I didn’t even know it. All I knew is that I was the mother of one easygoing baby and yet, I thought that I was an expert on all aspects of parenting. Continue reading “A Judgmental Mother Visits McDonald’s”

Three Terrible Days in Montreal

Recently our family took a trip to Montreal.

My husband and I thought it would be the perfect mini-vacation because it’s the closest city to where we live and even though it’s still cold outside, there is a lot to see and do. The highlight of the trip was supposed to be the Biodome, which is sort of like an indoor zoo.

The first problem occurred even before we left our house when I realized that my passport had expired a month ago. Everyone over the age of 16 needs a valid passport or enhanced driver’s license to get into Canada and back into the United States. Having an expired passport was really bad. It should have been an omen for what to expect from the rest of the trip. But we had already booked and paid to rent an Airbnb in Montreal. There was no changing the plans or cancelling. We would just have to drive up to the border and try our luck. Continue reading “Three Terrible Days in Montreal”

12 Funny Tricks Babies Play on Their Parents

Babies look so sweet and innocent. We parents often stare at them and wonder what it is they dream about when they close their eyes and what they think about when they stare at their mobiles. The truth is that babies actually have a lot more going on than we might assume. They are plotting and planning. You think that smile that you saw cross your newborn’s face was just gas? Think again. Continue reading “12 Funny Tricks Babies Play on Their Parents”

I Regret Telling My Child There Is No Easter Bunny

It’s not easy to admit you’ve made a mistake. As a parent, it’s even harder. What I did was wrong and I can’t even apologize to my son because I don’t want to remind him that for years, I told him that Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny aren’t real. I put my own ideals before the needs of my child. I strongly believe that lying to kids is wrong, but I let that get in the way of being a good mother. My little boy wanted to believe in magic. He wanted to be like the other kids and I didn’t allow that. Instead, I put myself first. Continue reading “I Regret Telling My Child There Is No Easter Bunny”

To the Woman Who Told My Son to Share

Perhaps you remember me and my son. I most certainly remember you. Remember how your son took something my kid was playing with and then you yelled at my kid that he needed to “share”?

Well, just in case, let me refresh your memory. Continue reading “To the Woman Who Told My Son to Share”

A Letter From the Family Dog (Guest Post by My Husband Will Eberle)

Dear family,

Fuck you.  Truly.

Remember, before you brought those feeble, pink, fur-less puppies home, when you used to care if I lived or died?  Yeah, me too. Continue reading “A Letter From the Family Dog (Guest Post by My Husband Will Eberle)”

Why I Didn’t Give My Son a Pinterest-Perfect Birthday Party

Why I Decided Not to Give My Son A Pinterest-Perfect Birthday Party.jpg

I used to love throwing parties.

When I was in my early twenties, before I had children and a mortgage, I hosted some truly epic parties. I would come up with some goofy theme like “hunting camp” or “circus” or “best friends”, and just run with it. My parties featured kissing booths, bars filled with “mystery shots”, costumes, even a live polka band. I knew how to have a good time and give all my guests an experience they’d talk about for years. So what if at the end of the night there was a huge mess or even a few holes in the walls?   Continue reading “Why I Didn’t Give My Son a Pinterest-Perfect Birthday Party”

12 Things I Love About Baby’s First Year

12 THings I love About Baby's First Year

Today is my baby girl’s first birthday.

It’s hard to believe that one year ago Ada came into this world. She made quite the entrance and she hasn’t stopped surprising us ever since. I can only imagine what Ada’s toddler years will have in store for our family. Continue reading “12 Things I Love About Baby’s First Year”

My Child Was Obsessed With Me

My Child Was Obsessed With Me

When my son Wolfy turned four, a big change happened. He was so proud of his new age and with it came a lot of newfound independence. He suddenly wanted to try to brush his own teeth, use sharp knives (yikes!), and attempt to wipe his own butt (also yikes!). Continue reading “My Child Was Obsessed With Me”