Toddlers’ Summer To-Do List

Toddler's Summer To Do List

1. Sit in the sandbox totally naked. In fact, it’s not really summertime unless you refuse to ever wear clothes.

2. Spray unsuspecting pets with the garden hose.

3. Dribble ice cream all over your Mommy’s hair while riding on her shoulders.

4. Go to a baseball game. Randomly pull pants down during the seventh inning stretch.

5. Examine every single bug that you come across. Do it because of either fascination or fear; just be sure to take a really long slow look at each and every one.

6. Get really excited about splashing water on anyone who is trying to stay dry.

7. Drop one of your $50 sandals. Don’t tell anyone until you’re about a mile away.

8. Spread dandelion fluff everywhere.

9. Eat as many berries as you can, right out of the field, while berry picking.

10. Pee in the pool. Always pee in the pool.

11. Get poked in the eye while putting on sunglasses ALL BY MYSELF!

12. Throw rocks in water. Any rock. Any body of water.

13. Dig up seedlings in the garden. Claim it wasn’t you, it was an excavator.

14. Wander off and fall asleep under a bush or in the slide. Everyone will be so scared from searching for you that they will probably give in to you anything you want.

15. Find a giant stick. Try to hit someone with it.

16. Eat a popsicle and/or an ice cream every single day. If someone says you can’t have one, proceed with an epic meltdown or try number 14.

17. Run through sprinklers, naked of course!

31 thoughts on “Toddlers’ Summer To-Do List

  1. This sounds about right! My oldest daughter lost her brand-new shoe when she was a toddler. I searched and searched, and finally bought a new pair. A year or so later I finally found the missing shoe – behind a book on the bookshelf!

    1. That sounds exactly like something that would happen in my house. Last summer my son really did drop one of his expensive Keen sandals and we had to walk back about a mile to get it. Of course by then, he was done with being in the stroller, hot, hungry, etc.

  2. I have a photo of my toddler daughter playing in naked in a tub of water in backyard. It was the day we moved into our house. I’m sure the neighbors thought, “Oh my goodness, look at the crazy people that just moved in.” But 6 years later it’s all good in the neighborhood.

  3. I generally choose to do bath time during the summer on the deck in the little pool. The boys love it of course! Luckily our deck is angled so that the new neighbours haven’t seen it yet.
    I loved your list, I can see us crossing everything off before too long!

    1. That’s a great idea! We live in the country and no one sees or cares what happens in our yard, so maybe we will try that, if it ever gets warm enough… We live in Vermont and it’s only summer such a short time here. We really have to try to take advantage of every nice day.

      1. Right now we still live in town but in a couple weeks we’re moving to the farm and the boys will be able to stay naked all day without anyone seeing. You’re right about the weather though, Southern Ontario isn’t all that different from Vermont!

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