The End of Summer

End of Summer

Summer is ending.

I can feel an edge in the air as Wolfy and I sit on our deck blowing bubbles and watching the cows across the road. If you live in a normal, temperate climate, I know what you’re thinking, “It’s only August! How can she possibly be thinking that summer is over?”

Well, if you live in an extremely cold climate, as we do up here in Vermont, you know exactly what I am talking about. Summer is incredibly brief. By the time you realize that it’s here, it’s already fading away. Tomatoes hardly have a chance to ripen on the vine. There are very few nights when it’s hot enough to turn on a fan. This year, we just kept our flannel sheets on the bed. And why not? It never got too warm for them.

Summer goes by so quickly, I never feel like I’ve done enough. Did I take Wolfy swimming enough times? We never made it berry picking! I also didn’t take him to the farm museum or to an outdoor concert. Somehow he didn’t get to see any fireworks. And we only made it out on the canoe a handful of times. Wolfy never even grew into the flip-flops I bought him. What a waste!

And here is a little secret: I hate the heat!

I hate it even more when I’m pregnant. All summer what I really wanted to do was lie around in the hammock reading or playing a certain word game on my iPad. (Of course, I only got very little opportunity to actually do this.) But there, I’ve confessed now. Basically, I’m a horrible, inadequate mother. This is how I feel in the summer. Every day is precious and you can never fit everything in.

Then I remember that Wolfy doesn’t really care. This is all in my head.   If I focus on everything we did do and not on all the stuff we didn’t, then we had a fantastic summer. And as sad as I am that it is already ending, Wolfy doesn’t seem to mind at all. The only things he’s thinking about is that play groups are starting up again and that it’s finally cooled down enough to wear his cute hoodie with the dinosaur head.

Fall is coming and I while I feel like a terrible summer mother; I am a fantastic fall mother.

I’ve already planned out Wolfy’s Halloween costume and he’s finally old enough to trick-or-treat. Then we will have our birthday parties (they fall on consecutive days in November).   Wow, fall is so awesome! Like previous years, we are planning again to press our own cider from wild apples. And Wolfy and I both love baking delicious treats and eating tons of soup. Wolfy even helped me grow his own Jack-o-lantern this year. It’s already huge! So goodbye summer! You’ve been great. But here’s to fall, my favorite season after all.

7 thoughts on “The End of Summer

  1. It’s so easy for us to feel guilty about not doing enough, when they’re happy playing in their rooms. I do that to myself all the time, and even though I used to be a terrible summer person in general (first year I dated my husband I had to warn him about the “summer me”), I had to pull myself together when we moved to a place where it’s 32 degrees all day, all night, and all year!

  2. They don’t call them the “lazy days of summer” for nothing! I think everyone moves slower in the summer. Its been hot in Chicago this week and I am wasting away our last week before school starts. I’m okay with that! I will have to work on being an awesome fall mother. I’ll be looking for tips! 🙂

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