Our Newest Addition to the Family

New Kitten

Yesterday we brought home a six-week-old kitten.

He is adorable and innocent in every way and Wolfy is thrilled that he belongs only to him. But I was totally unprepared for one aspect of adding a new member to our family: having a kitten is turning out to be a terrifying glimpse into our future as a family with a second child.

The first time this realization hit me was just this morning, our first morning at home with the new kitten. It was time to make Wolfy oatmeal and I realized I had no idea how to do it while holding onto the kitten at the same time. You see, every time I put that adorable little creature on the floor, he started mewling for me to pick him up again. I actually caught myself wondering if there was some kind of cat sling or something I could use so that I could wear the kitten around my house and do chores without having to put him down.

A few days ago, in order to get ready for our kitten and to capitalize on Wolfy’s excitement about the whole thing, we went to the pet store and I let Wolfy pick out a toy for his new friend. He chose one of those wands with dangily things attached to the end. This was a huge mistake. Now that the kitten is at our house, he’s so excited to play with it that he flails the wand back and forth with such velocity that the feathers on the end crack like a whip. The kitten is not impressed. In fact, he’s taken to cowering underneath the island in the kitchen.

It’s not even noon yet and already I can’t even count the number of times I’ve had to patiently tell Wolfy, “I think you’re scaring the kitten. See how he’s shaking?”

And believe me, I would be shaking too if Wolfy was trying to put a necklace around my neck. Poor teeny-tiny kitty, all he wants is to not be strangled.

I really should give up any hope of getting anything done today. I just dared to leave Wolfy alone in the living room with the kitten so that I could try to tidy up the kitchen. He was only in there a few moments before calling to me, “Can I wipe my boogers on the kitten?”

“No!” I answered.

This was followed by a tiny, pathetic mew and Wolfy asking, “Does he like it when I do this?” Um, I’m guessing not.

Now it is the afternoon, Wolfy is calming down a little bit and not experimenting with the kitten with quite such ferocity. And for the kitten’s part, he’s holding up really well and totally capable of defending himself when necessary. Wolfy has the scratches all over himself to prove it. A few moments ago, I even came upon Wolfy and the kitten all cuddled up while Wolfy quietly read the kitten his favorite Richard Scarry book. The kitten was sleeping through this story time but Wolfy didn’t seem to mind. And just now, Wolfy decided to rock the kitten in his rocking chair so that “the kitten will stop crying”. So I guess they are really off to a great start, and if bringing home Wolfy’s baby sister is anything like this, our family just might survive.

If only newborn humans came equipped with tiny claws…

8 thoughts on “Our Newest Addition to the Family

  1. I really enjoyed reading this, I hope you don’t mind me follow you! I’m looking forward to reading more some more posts : )

  2. This is adorable! I enjoyed reading this so much. I have an almost 5 -year-old and a 18-month-old and am considering getting “them” a kitten. My son has been begging me for a pet for a while now and he seems to really want a kitten (and a kangaroo but I’ve made it clear I’m not doing that!).Thing is I have no clue how much more work I’d be doing with yet another baby in the house. Also I’m a little weird about having things a certain way in the house which mean if I find that my white leather couch has been scratched and chewed, I would probably have a heart attack. No kidding. I’m trying to tell myself that it wouldn’t be that bad, but I really have no idea if that’s true. I do also wonder if my toddler might be a threat to the poor helpless kitty.

    Keep us posted on how it goes with you.

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