10 Things I Love About Two Years Old

Happy Birthday

Wolfy turned three years old yesterday!

Don’t get me wrong, I am always happy to see him growing and changing.  It’s exciting to watch him develop more and more into a little person but every new year and every new stage also means leaving some things behind forever.  So during the past year, I made this list of some things I am going to miss about Wolfy at two years old.

10 Things I love about two years old:

1. The way you wave goodbye, with one foot thrust forward, arm extended straight out from your body, hand waving wildly.

2. That you’re always Percy and I get to be Thomas because Percy and Thomas are steam engines that are best friends.

3. Your smell, sweaty but still a faint hint of baby.

4. How you always answer the question, “why?” with a simple, “I do”.

5. That you absolutely love to snuggle and actually say, “cuddle, cuddle” when you want to be held.

6. How you always forget the letter H when singing the alphabet.

7. That you aren’t able to say the sound of the letter Y so ‘you’ turns into ‘voo’ and ‘yes’ becomes ‘meh’ or ‘bes’.

8. How when we hold hands, you grasp onto just two or three fingers and hold on really tight.

9. Your goofy, straight-legged penguin run.  And how you really believe your “running shoes” help you run faster.

10. How ridiculously excited you get about macaroni and cheese. It’s still so easy to make you happy.

I love you so much, little boy. I can’t wait to see what this next year brings.

4 thoughts on “10 Things I Love About Two Years Old

  1. What a great list. It can be too easy to focus on what’s difficult about 2, instead of the sweet and funny people our little ones really are. My guy turns 3 in February and I think I’ll start my own list of what I love about 2. Thanks for posting this!

    1. Making this list helped me stay focused on positive aspects of ways development and also I realized there were so many little things I wanted to capture before I forgot about them. I’m going to try to make these lists a yearly tradition.

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