26 Truly Awesome Things About Parenting

Truly Awesome Things About ParentingI’m writing this post in response to a list I read yesterday called 26 Parenting Tasks that Truly Suck. I love poking fun at my own life, so I started reading it but soon realized that this author was not just mentioning a few annoying things; she was really complaining about everything that we have to do as parents. I believe that parenting is comprised of those little tasks like changing diapers and chopping food into tiny pieces.

Taking care of our children is how we show our love for them.

If you trash every aspect of being a parent, including cuddles and reading stories, what’s left to like and appreciate? I feel bad for this author. She comes across as hating her decision to be a parent and that is incredibly sad. Yes, we all have moments like that. There are nights I’ve slaved over a special dinner only to have my son refuse to eat it or let anyone else eat in peace. I have moments that I think, “If I have to pick up all these little cars again, I’m going to lost my mind.” But the benefits of parenting and the awesome times far outweigh any of those feelings. This list is an attempt to spread some positivity…

26 Truly Awesome Things About Parenting

1. Playing hide and seek with really young kids. They are so easy to find!

2. Singing kids songs. It doesn’t really matter if you can carry a tune. Humor and enthusiasm are the real measures of success.

3. Reading children’s literature. Picture books, often overlooked, are some of the best literature available. Want a book that is guaranteed to move you to tears? Pick up pretty much anything by Patricia Polacco. Wow!

4. Using your kids as an excuse. Messy house? Missionaries or politicians at your door? Want to get off the phone with your in-laws? Running late? Your children are an automatic free pass.

5. Priority in bathroom lines. Keep loudly telling your little one that you sure hope they don’t have another accident. You’ll be boosted to the front in no time.

6. Guilty pleasures can be enjoyed without the guilt. Drinking a cup of hot cocoa or eating a cookie from the bakery becomes a bonding ritual when shared with a child.

7. Holidays are magical. Decorating the Christmas tree, singing Hanukkah songs, telling ghost stories, all take on more meaning when you’re making memories for someone else.

8. Forgiveness of your minor imperfections.
In the mirror you see yourself as overweight and pale with greasy hair and dark circles under your eyes. Your children simply see you as their mother or father and love you just the way you are.

9. There is never a dull moment. Yes, parenting is exhausting, but you will never, ever be bored.

10. Tiny toes and ears. They’re so soft and so sweet! You’ve got to gobble them up before they get all big and stinky.

11. Children are easily amused. A box of paper clips or letting your kid pretend to drive your car can keep them busy for a very long time.

12. Children’s art. It’s so cheerful. They make so much of it that you can decorate your house, use it for wrapping paper, or turn it into homemade cards.

13. Unlimited hugs, kisses, and cuddles. So the kisses are often slobbery and the hugs are often a very tight squeeze, but children give affection like puppies: pure and uninhibited.

14. Young kids are pretty easy to outsmart. That annoying toy that your child got as a favor from a birthday party? You can easily make it disappear.

15. You can feel like a kid again. Blowing dandelions, discovering shadows, becoming obsessed with dinosaurs; kids make everything seem magical and fun and new.

16. Children are funny. Whether they get you to laugh at fart jokes or tell you that you should grow a mustache to be more like their grandpa, children have a great sense of humor.

17. Children love what you love. When you share your passions with your kids, you get to rediscover your favorite things through their own enthusiasm.

18. Children are fundamentally good people. They don’t come into the world jaded and angry. Instead they just want to be loved and love you. They just want to eat tasty food and play all day. All the good parts of life.

19. It’s incredibly obvious when they lie. And they’re so sorry once they realize they’ve been busted.

20. Children have incredible imaginations. Think you’re really creative? You’re not, but your kids are! Their imaginative play will blow your mind if you just let yourself to get lost in it.

21. The goofy ways children understand things. I’m pregnant and recently my two year old son asked me if the baby’s mom was inside my belly too. Too cute!

22. A child’s affections are cheap. For most kids, if you want to make them as happy as you’ve ever seen any person ever be, all you have to do is make them mac n’ cheese. When’s the last time you made your spouse, or any adult that happy, just by cooking a $0.99 dinner?

23. Witnessing your kids experience things for the first time. The ocean. Snow. Pizza. A piglet. Anything. It’s the best!

24. Shoes. Kids shoes are just like adult shoes in miniature and what is cuter than that?

25. Children are forgiving. You can make mistakes and they still say, “I love you” and “You’re the best.” And someday they grow up and even though you made all those mistakes, they turn out pretty all right.

26. You can control them. Try that with teenagers! Right now you can pretty much decide what your kids eat and who they spend time with. Soon they’ll be driving in fast cars and dating people you don’t like.

27. They’re only little once.
It’s the best thing ever. Enjoy it while you can.

What are your favorite things about being a parent?

15 thoughts on “26 Truly Awesome Things About Parenting

  1. Awesome post! Yeah nail everything. Kids are a blessing. I haven’t read the post you’re replying to but yours reminds us why we are parents 🙂

    Thanks for such a lovely read x

  2. Oh what a wonderful list! My “babies” are 30, 28, 25, 20 & 18. I can’t tell you how much I miss the days of finger painting with our feet, reading books until they fell asleep, playing in the tub, and so much more! My son is probably tired of hearing me ask about grandchildren! Parenting is a roller coaster ride, exhilarating! I love every minute of it still.

  3. Amen!! Thanks for this. I find that many of the mommy blogs that I see online tend to focus on venting or complaining. I appreciate your efforts to raise the mood out there and truly celebrate the simple pleasures and the sheer miracle that it is to be blessed with tiny humans!!! 🙂

  4. Had a good laugh while reading this! The days when my children were still so small are long past but I am so thankful that I was able to stay at home with them from the time they were born. Well, to be honest, I resented it for the first three years but then I started to really love it!!
    They grow up so fast.
    Congratulations on your pregnancy! Children are a gift and a miracle and so much fun.

      1. It definitely becomes more challenging!! I love it though.
        By the way, my oldest is now 19 and the youngest 12 and I still use them as an ‘excuse’ for all kinds of reasons!!

  5. Totally agree with every point you’ve made! My favorite one is the fact that they’re only young once. I live by that saying, reminding myself that it’s the little things that matter the most!

      1. I have troubles with it too sometimes… Especially when my toddler is throwing things in the toilet, coloring on the walls, turning the bathtub on and letting it run while I’m trying to use the bathroom, etc. Lol

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