This Is Motherhood Is One Year Old!

This week marks the one year anniversary of when I started writing and publishing This Is Motherhood. Happy birthday, little blog!

A year ago, I was super depressed because it was winter and I had just suffered a miscarriage. My sister suggested I start a “mommy blog” about my life with our son Wolfy and even helped me come up with the title. I hadn’t written much since studying creative writing in college, but the self-imposed weekly deadline of the blog inspired me to get something out even if it wasn’t great or even if I didn’t feel like writing.

It may sound cheesy to say this blog pulled me out of that depression, but it really did.

Beyond the act of writing, This Is Motherhood has allowed me to feel connected to other women in a wonderful way I never could have anticipated. There is nothing like having someone you barely know share a piece of your writing or come up to you in the grocery store and tell you that they love reading your blog. It has also spurred amazing discussions and caused me to think deeply about big issues.

Thank you so much to everyone who has been supportive over the past year!

In honor of the blog’s one year anniversary, I am sharing some of the search terms people have used to end up finding This Is Motherhood. Some quests lead to my most popular posts and others are just bizarre.

Either way, here is basically the first year of the blog in review:

“There are days I think the toddler years will never end”
-Oh yes, me too. Every single day.

“Surviving the toddler years” – Back when I thought I knew something about parenting, I wrote a post called 8 Tips and Tricks for Surviving the Toddler Years. I actually thought I had valuable advice to give other parents on how to best deal with a toddler. How naive! Over the past year, my sweet little toddler has grown into a full-blooded threenager and I’m pretty sure that I’m completely unqualified to ever give anyone advice again.

“What I have learnt about motherhood” – The post 10 Things I Have Learned from Motherhood was inspired by a challenge from another blog called Learner Mama and it ended up being one of my most popular posts of the year. It’s also one of my favorite.

“School eating children midhe mils” –Your guess is as good as mine about this one… And also about this: “Nigerian parentind and motherhood blog”

“Toddlers cruel” – Yes, yes they are. Toddlers Are Cruel and Mysterious Creatures is a post about how my son treated my sister so terribly when she was visiting last summer. We still have no idea why he decided to be so mean to her, but it was definitely had nothing to do with anything she did. In fact the harder she tried to be nice to him the meaner he was.

“Turning regular biscuits into cheesy biscuits” – For a while, I was having a lot of fun sharing recipes on my blog. But in the past couple of months, I just haven’t had the time. Here are some of most popular ones: Black Currant Jam, Pickled Garlic Scapes, Quinoa, Corn, and Black Bean Salad, and Cheddar Parmesan Biscuits.

“Second baby what to expect” – This refers to a project in which I asked some of my close friends to give advice on what to expect with adding a second child to your family. Reading the advice of these women seriously helped prepared me for what I’m going through now with having a second baby. Real Advice for Mothers Expecting a Second Child  is a four-part series that really delves into some of the challenges and triumphs of expanding your family.

“He was acting like a baby so I replaced my husband’s underwear with diapers” – Something is very disturbing about this person. I’m pretty certain they didn’t find what they were looking for anywhere on my blog. Yikes!

“Remembering how to be aloneis the exact title of a post I wrote about being away from my family for a week and rediscovering myself and how I had changed since becoming a mother.

“When our furry friend died” – Six months ago our sweet orange tabby disappeared after hearing her get into a nasty fight with a wild animal in the woods. My son still asks about her and tries to make sense of what happened. Good-bye Sweet Friend is about how we explained the death of our cat to our then-two-year-old boy.

“What is the story behind the little fir tree?” – For the holiday season, I worked with our local children’s librarian to compile a list of children’s books. For the post 9 Amazing Children’s Holiday Books I tried to focus on secular stories which emphasized holiday values such as kindness, generosity, and family.

“Why do playgrounds get torn down?” – I asked this same question when I found that the amazing playground from my childhood had been torn down and replaced with a lonely, unused play structure. In Playgrounds Are Hell I asked if the modern, expensive, sanitized versions of playgrounds are really better or safer than the creative, often community-built places where our generation once played.

“Thanks for being part of dis year”It’s Been A Great Year! Thanks For Being Part of It!  was my last post of 2014 and also one of the most popular. Another popular and controversial post was my guest post for BurlingtonVT Mom’s Blog called Why Santa Doesn’t Visit Our House. And my most popular post on This Is Motherhood so far is one I wrote early on called I Hate Mother’s Day .

“Make parenting fun again” – This is the official tagline of This Is Motherhood. Making parenting fun was what I needed when I started this blog. I hope it is this same spirit that I bring to my writing each week.

Thanks again for the all the support! I hope you join me and This Is Motherhood for another great year!

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