5 Non-Casserole Food Ideas to Bring to a Family With a New Baby

5 Non-Casserole Ideas

I have a confession, I am terrible at bringing food to my friends who have just had babies. I worry that they won’t like my style of cooking, or that the dish will taste terrible, or not travel well to their house, or not adhere to someone’s dietary guidelines. I’m guilty of sometimes staying away and not bringing much of anything at all.

I created this list as a reminder to myself that bringing food over to someone doesn’t always mean you need to bake casserole or make a full meal and often it’s even better if you bring something like these ideas instead. 

1. Pesto


Several people will bring things that need to be eaten right away. But pesto can go into the freezer and come out whenever the family needs a quick meal. For example, when one or both parents return to work and they just want something fast and tasty. Pesto is perfect.

2. Trail mix

Everyone knows being a new mother isn’t easy. But it’s surprising how hungry you can get when your milk comes in. Nuts and chocolate will help her keep her energy up. Plus, trail mix can easily be eaten one-handed at midnight while jostling a cranky newborn.

3. Fresh-baked bread


There’s something just so comforting and satisfying about good bread. A nice loaf of bread can basically be an entire meal. Bring it over with some soup, either pre-packaged or homemade and frozen.

4. A gift certificate to a take-out or delivery restaurant

This is another idea that will be appreciated long after the millions of pounds of lasagna have been eaten up.

5. A green salad or some fresh fruit

You get home from the hospital and you often that means no one has been at the house in almost a week. Who knows when the last time is that they went grocery shopping? They may have planned ahead and have tons of meals stockpiled in the freezer, but the produce drawer is probably looking a little sparse or sketchy. And after eating all that hospital food, the family might be really craving something with crunch. On top of it, hobbling through the grocery store with a super-young baby seems like an insurmountable feat. Even sending your partner on a shopping expedition can feel like you’re sending them to the Arctic voyage if it’s your first time home alone with the baby. Trust me, the family will really appreciate getting something that can’t or hasn’t already been frozen.

What would you add to this list? Is there someone stellar that someone brought to you or something you wished they had?

4 thoughts on “5 Non-Casserole Food Ideas to Bring to a Family With a New Baby

  1. These are great ideas! I’m part of a group at church that takes meals to new parents, and I’m going to hang onto these suggestions. Thanks!

  2. I wholly support the salad/fresh vegetable route. Some of the best things we got brought were smoothies, fixings for Thai noodle salad, and roasted beets & greens with goat cheese. It’s important to realize that new parents probably won’t be eating at the same time, or standard mealtimes, so stuff that’s ready to go ( without heating) is really helpful. We set up a Food Tidings account ( search for meal schedule websites) to clear up any allergy & preference issues and make it less intimidating for our friends that wanted to help out. Your list is awesome!

    1. I’m glad you liked this list. That means a lot coming from you! The Food Tidings website is a neat idea. What was really nice with the baby we had this winter was that people ended up staggering their meals. It wasn’t planned that day but it was still a welcome surprise to have not have to make dinner sometimes.

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