12 Things I Love About Three Years Old

12 Things I Love About Three Years Old

A year ago, when my son turned three years old, someone told me that this would be the year his knuckles would change.

The backs of his chubby hands would morph from being punctuated by little dimples to being accented by adult knuckles. The idea terrified me. This transformation became a metaphor for the year my son was three. He has grown and changed so much in the past twelve months that it’s no wonder he often displays “three-nager” behavior.

Recently Wolfy had his birthday, and turned four years old.

He’s moving on to exciting new adventures like attending public preschool. And he’s learning new skills like sounding out words and wiping his own butt. My little boy is charging full speed ahead and not pausing to look back.  But I am…

The Top 12 Things I Love About Three Years Old:

1. I love that you absolutely love all the classic kids songs and will gladly break out singing “the ABCs” and “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad” at any time without any self-consciousness.

2. I love the way you dance – spinning in a careful circle with your arms gracefully extended or wildly stomping your feet while dramatically tilting your head from side-to-side.

3. I love that you are so proud of who you are and tell everyone, “I have a BIG name.”

4. I love the way you talk so candidly with people who you’ve just met – telling them everything about yourself and trusting that they will listen to you.

5. I love that you are a boy who loves the colors purple and pink and don’t care about the concept of gender or what might be meant for only boys or only girls.

6. I love your crooked, unsure, only-for-pictures smile.

7. I love the special way you still say certain words like “aniyo” for “another” and “geen” for “green”.

8. I love how you still look so young when you fall asleep in your car seat.

9. I love the goofy songs that you make up about anything and everything: horses with no teeth, excavators, yard sales.

10. I love that you think 29 is the biggest, coolest number. And say things like, “Let’s do this for 29 more minutes!”

11. I love that you still like to snuggle and are always willing to squeeze onto my lap to hear a story.

12. Most of all, I love that you’re right on the bittersweet bridge between little boy and big kid. Like when I pick you up, you’re so tall that your feet hit me in the knees but you love being carried so much that you wrap your arms around my neck and hold on as tightly as you can like you never want me to put you down.

Everyday is a reminder that you won’t be little for long and with it comes so many good things but it also leaving a part of yourself behind forever. One thing doesn’t ever change: I love you more and more each year.

12 Things I Love About 3 Years Old

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