12 Things I Love About Baby’s First Year

12 THings I love About Baby's First YearToday is my baby girl’s first birthday.

It’s hard to believe that one year ago Ada came into this world. She made quite the entrance and she hasn’t stopped surprising us ever since. I can only imagine what Ada’s toddler years will have in store for our family.

This last year has gone by incredibly fast. Today I’m taking a look back…

12 Things I Love About the First Year

1. I love your hair. I love the way it feels as soft as duckling fuzz against my lips when I kiss you on your head about a thousand times a day.

2. I loved watching your eyelashes slowly grow in around your deep, calm newborn eyes.

3. I loved your goofy, toothless smile. Your smile isn’t toothless anymore but it still lights up your whole face in the most magnificent way.

4. I love the sound of your quiet chuckle and your deep belly laughs. I often catch myself doing ridiculous and embarrassing things just to hear you laugh.

5. I love how when we blow raspberries at each other, you get so excited like you think it’s the best inside joke ever. You will never have such an innocent, simple sense of humor again.

6. I love the clean, earthy smell of the top of your head.

7. I love the way you watch your older brother with such complete fascination and adoration, memorizing every single thing that he does, whether it’s putting together a puzzle or jumping on the couch. I know you are trying so hard to catch up to him and that it won’t be long before you’re chasing each other around the house.

I also love how he can get you to laugh just by looking at you. You two are developing such a deep connection and I feel so lucky that I get to watch your relationship grow.

8. I love the way you splash in the water when you go swimming or take a bath. You are so strong that sometimes I struggle to keep a hold of you. It’s so funny when you get really excited and splash a little too hard so that water gets in your face and then you get mad.

9. I love the way you hold onto one of my fingers while you nurse. I love that my ability to feed you can always get you to calm down. It makes all the not-so-fun parts of breastfeeding totally worth it. You are already starting to wean yourself and I know that I am going to miss nursing a lot more than you will.

10. I love the way your two bottom teeth show when you laugh.

11. I love how proud you are of your own achievements, like when you learned how to pull yourself up to standing. The expression on your face is total satisfaction and pride. I hope you always feel so good the things you will accomplish.

12. I love watching you grow and change so rapidly. This year you have more than tripled your body weight and gone through five sets of clothes. Yet it was only a matter of months ago, that you were a tiny newborn swaddled and sleeping in a basket. Now you move all over the house, exploring everything and I have to constantly clean up after you and keep an eye on you to make sure you are safe. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

 Happy One Year Birthday, Baby Girl!! Have fun smashing your cake!

8 thoughts on “12 Things I Love About Baby’s First Year

  1. It does go fast! I Love that you’re capturing so many of those special moments and thoughts. There are always so many things that we think we’ll remember, but our mind just can’t hold each one (even though our heart does). Happy Birthday to Ava and a Happy Birth Day celebration to you!

      1. I have a jar about the size of a large pickle jar. I try to write a small note of my favorite moment of each day. Haha. I’ve missed lots of days, but I treasure the ones I have! There are so many memories in there that I would have lost. Today (so far), it was helping the first-graders (twins) get ready for school. It’s ‘Rock Star Day’.

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