19 Summer Memories to Share with Your Kids

Remember summertime when you were a child? Do you remember the little things like the magic of letting a caterpillar crawl across your hand? Or how startling it was to be woken up by a thunderstorm?

rainboots and umbrella

It’s time to share some of those summer memories with your own kid. Go ahead, get nostalgic.

Do you remember…

  1. Hurrying to finish breakfast so you can go play outside all day.
  2. Trying to get sand off of your feet before cramming them into your shoes.
  3. Popsicles dripping on your bare legs.
  4. The smell of sunscreen.
  5. Running through sprinklers – swimsuits optional.
  6. Bringing a pocketful of coins to a garage sale and coming home with treasures.
  7. Getting smoke from a bonfire in your eyes.
  8. Doing amazing tricks at the pool: cannonballs, pencil dives, sailor dives, underwater tea parties.
  9. The way snacks like salt and vinegar potato chips and cheesy puffs stick to wet fingers.
  10. The feeling of wet grass clippings sticking to your bare feet when you walk through the lawn right after it gets mowed.
  11. Getting burned by hot slides and seatbelt buckles.
  12. Waiting for the A/C to reach the back seat.
  13. Riding in the car with every window open.
  14. Getting soaked in the rain.
  15. Sprinting for the ice cream truck.
  16. Catching a marshmallow on fire.
  17. Picking and eating so many berries that they stain your fingertips and your tongue.
  18. Collecting shells, rocks, acorns and other treasures.
  19. Burning the soles of your feet on hot cement.

What summer memories do you want to share with your children?

2 thoughts on “19 Summer Memories to Share with Your Kids

  1. These are really great memories and I know I have quite a few myself. I hope to build memories with our littles as a family. I hope they start to remember walks and bike rides, playing in rivers, driving to new adventures and enjoying the outdoors. 🙂

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