Stick 2 Me

stick 2 me logoIf you’re like me, you’re a busy parent and keeping track of your kids’ belongings is it’s own full time job. Now that both of my children are in school and childcare, that job is even harder. Hoodies, socks, water bottles, lunch boxes, shoes, and even underwear frequently go missing.

I have a hard enough time hanging onto my own stuff (more on that later) and the added responsibility of keeping track of all the stuff for two young humans makes the situation just ridiculous.

And believe me, my two year old daughter is not very helpful! It’s almost impossible to get her to keep clothes on her body. And now she has to have a few extra changes of clothes with her everywhere she goes with her because… potty training!

Then,  my friends at Stick 2 Me  asked me if I would like to try out their labels. This offer just happened to coincide with almost losing my son’s beloved dinosaur hoodie. A tragedy narrowly averted but not an ordeal I cared to repeat.

Something had to be done.

I went on the Stick 2 Me website to pick from their original themed artwork. They even had dinosaurs. Perfect! But what about my 2yo daughter? She needs to have labels on absolutely everything. And that’s when I saw the perfect theme for her. It was the adorable Forest collection with beers, bears, and feathers.

The labels arrived soon after I ordered them and I fell in love immediately. They were SO cute!! But I kept wondering, what was up with these magical stickers??

Would they really stick to shoes? They do. Would they really survive a trip through the washing machine? Yes! Would they really make it through repeated trips through the dishwasher? Heck yes!

I loved the labels so much that I found myself coveting my children’s sets. I wanted some of my own to stick on the dishes that I bring to potlucks and what about my favorite hoodie? Didn’t it deserve the same loving attention as my child’s. So, I actually went back to the Stick 2 Me website and ordered my own set of labels. They have lots of great patterns and choices for adults but I chose the Unicorn set because I’m still a kid at heart. And because unicorn’s are magical, just like these labels.

Now you have a chance to win your own Super Set of Stick 2 Me labels. Don’t miss out! Enter the giveaway here!

4 thoughts on “Stick 2 Me

  1. I was the lucky winner of the Stick 2 Me Labels. They arrived today, and I couldn’t be happpier. The packaging was beautiful and the labels are very cute and of nice quality. I chose the Unicorn Collection as well. I have not affixed them to anything as yet, but I think these will be perfect for when my daughter starts daycare in a few months. Thanks so much!

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