Stick 2 Me

stick 2 me logoIf you’re like me, you’re a busy parent and keeping track of your kids’ belongings is it’s own full time job. Now that both of my children are in school and childcare, that job is even harder. Hoodies, socks, water bottles, lunch boxes, shoes, and even underwear frequently go missing.

I have a hard enough time hanging onto my own stuff (more on that later) and the added responsibility of keeping track of all the stuff for two young humans makes the situation just ridiculous. Continue reading “Stick 2 Me”

Moana: An Authentic Role Model for Our Daughters

Did you know that some people are very angry about Disney’s new movie, Moana?

They are arguing that the main character, Moana, is a bad example for young girls because she is more “realistically bodied” than previous Disney princesses. Instead of an exploding bust and itty-bitty waist, Moana looks more like a regular girl.

In one article, Moana was called obese and said to promote bad eating habits. A woman wrote this. A woman. If she looks at Moana’s flat chest and slender hips and thinks “obese”, I don’t even want to know what that woman considers skinny. All the girl does is eat bananas, coconuts, and fish while she’s swinging around on a tiny boat and battling evil monsters!

But seriously, words matter. And when we judge woman, even animated women, by their bodies, our children are listening.

Moana is healthy. She is athletic. And she is strong.

I was raised watching movies of featuring princesses who’s ultimate goal was to find true love. That’s it. Find true love and…the end. Moana isn’t looking for love. She’s trying to save her people. In an age when children’s toys and media are becoming increasingly sexualized and unrealistic, it’s refreshing that Disney is bucking the trend. Moana joins company with other strong female characters like Mulan and Elsa. And that is something to celebrate.

I’m not raising my daughter to be a princess and finding true love is most certainly not going to be the end of her story. She might grow up to be a doctor, a teacher, a wife, a mother, or who knows what. I’m focusing on raising a person that is brave, strong, confident, and kind. Finally our daughters have role models that portray these characteristics.

So instead of bashing these princesses not being skinny enough or being too headstrong, we should hold them up and raise our daughters up along with them.


My friend dumped me.

coffee cheesecakeThis week officially marks an anniversary I’d rather not think about. It’s been exactly one year since I lost my friend. No, she didn’t die: I got dumped. Being dumped is always terrible but in this case, she didn’t even tell me what I had done that was so wrong. As far as I can tell, I lost my friend simply because she decided I wasn’t worth keeping in her life. Suddenly ten years of friendship didn’t matter to her anymore. But those years still matter to me. And even though an entire year has passed without her in my life, it still hurts.

Continue reading “Friend-Dumped”

This Is Motherhood Is One Year Old!

This week marks the one year anniversary of when I started writing and publishing This Is Motherhood. Happy birthday, little blog!

A year ago, I was super depressed because it was winter and I had just suffered a miscarriage. My sister suggested I start a “mommy blog” about my life with our son Wolfy and even helped me come up with the title. I hadn’t written much since studying creative writing in college, but the self-imposed weekly deadline of the blog inspired me to get something out even if it wasn’t great or even if I didn’t feel like writing. Continue reading “This Is Motherhood Is One Year Old!”

Why Santa Doesn’t Visit Our House

Why Santa Doesn't Visit Our House

Our family loves Christmas.

A typical night in December will find us all huddled around the kitchen table with me addressing holiday cards and our three year old son coloring on the envelopes while my husband snips elaborate snowflakes and the kitten bats around the scraps. This wholesome scene is no exaggeration. We bake cookies, we open windows on the advent calendar, we watch the Muppet Christmas movie, we put way too many ornaments on our tree, and we hang up stockings. There’s just one thing we choose to leave out of the Christmas season: Santa Claus. Continue reading “Why Santa Doesn’t Visit Our House”

Conquering Fears

Snakes, heights, deep water, spiders, immunizations and IVs, ghosts, power outages, dog fights… The list can go on and on and it does. I’m afraid of a lot of things.

People think that because I used to ride freight trains and that I just recently learned to chop firewood that I’m edgy, brave, bad-ass. They have me all wrong. Continue reading “Conquering Fears”

10 Things I Have Learned From Motherhood

Being a mother for the past two and a half year has been a real education for me.

Back when I was pregnant, I remember struggling alongside my husband trying to put the pack n play together for the first time. We had this idea that we should have it set up before the baby arrived. I guess that was a good idea because it took two adults about forty-five minutes to get it set up. Now I could snap that thing together one-handed, in the dark, underwater. Continue reading “10 Things I Have Learned From Motherhood”

At A Snail’s Pace


I have a new parenting resolution and I think it might kill me.

I am trying to let Wolfy set the pace more often. But I am a fast-paced person. I like being a person who gets a ton of stuff done every day. I like moving quickly and with purpose. Wolfy does not believe any of this is important. Continue reading “At A Snail’s Pace”

I’m Addicted to Documenting My Son’s Childhood


P1020952I am now a full-fledged, card-carrying member of the paparazzi. I obsessively stalk one subject and he’s three feet tall.

It’s usually pretty easy to find him because he is constantly singing the Thomas the Tank Engine song or making truck noises. This little celebrity has a great picture face that he makes every time the camera comes out. It involves pulling his bottom lip up in a reverse smile pout and it’s incredibly cute. I have shots of him making this face at the kitchen table, standing beside the dog, not wearing pants, selfie-style with myself sort of in the frame. The list could go on and it does. My muse is named Wolfy and he is my two year old son. Continue reading “I’m Addicted to Documenting My Son’s Childhood”

Becoming Fluent in ‘Truck’



“Don’t forget your truck,” I casually reminded Wolfy as I removed him from his stroller.

“This is a car carrier,” he said pointing to the tiny plastic vehicle now clutched securely in his fist. He was rather polite about correcting me, considering that anything with wheels has become almost sacred to my two year old son. Continue reading “Becoming Fluent in ‘Truck’”