Growing Up So Fast

fire truckHow is it possible for a two-year-old to change this much in two days? He is growing up so fast!

Last weekend, I went away from my family for a ladies’ weekend. (By the way, it’s okay to feel extreme jealousy right now. I actually got time to read a novel…during the day!) I was only gone for two nights but when I got home, a strange young man greeted me. He looked sort of like my two year old son, Wolfy. He even called me, “Mommy”. But he definitely wasn’t the Wolfy that I know and love. Continue reading “Growing Up So Fast”

Labor Day Weekend in My Town


Labor Day is the best weekend to be from my hometown.

We know how to throw an old-fashioned town-wide celebration: complete with a street dance and lots of gambling. I grew up in this tiny town and returned here as an adult with my husband. Now we own a house here and it kind of looks like we’re “lifers”.

I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love it here. I’m not stuck here. This is where I choose to be. It’s also where I am choosing to raise my son. Continue reading “Labor Day Weekend in My Town”

The End of Summer

End of Summer

Summer is ending.

I can feel an edge in the air as Wolfy and I sit on our deck blowing bubbles and watching the cows across the road. If you live in a normal, temperate climate, I know what you’re thinking, “It’s only August! How can she possibly be thinking that summer is over?” Continue reading “The End of Summer”