Giving Up Control of the Halloween Costume

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love making costumes and I love candy. What more does a person need?


Then this year, my almost-four-year-old son decided he wanted to be Daniel Tiger, the main character on the PBS Kids show that replaced Mr. Rogers. If you know me, you know I hate Daniel Tiger. Sometimes, I actually feel sort of bad because Daniel Tiger is so nice but I just hate him so much. He’s like the guest you don’t want to invite to your party because he annoys you but he really hasn’t done anything that terrible so you feel obligated to include him and of course he shows up EVERY DAMN TIME.

So when my son, Wolfy, said he wanted to dress as Daniel Tiger for Halloween, I just nonchalantly said, “Sure.”  But secretly, I was hoping my son would end up changing his mind.

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