I Divorced My Cat

fluffy cat

It was love at first sight.

I was scrolling through Facebook when I stumbled upon a photograph of kittens, so young their eyes weren’t even open yet. “I neeeeeeed one of those!” I commented. And I did. Six months earlier, our beloved orange tabby cat had been eaten by a wild animal. I missed her. I missed living with a cat. Also, mice were invading our farmhouse.

A few weeks later, we brought home one of the kittens from the photo, a fluffy gray tabby with big blue-ish eyes. Our three-year-old son named the tiny ball of fur, Runaway. Continue reading “I Divorced My Cat”

10 Things I Have Learned From Motherhood

Being a mother for the past two and a half year has been a real education for me.

Back when I was pregnant, I remember struggling alongside my husband trying to put the pack n play together for the first time. We had this idea that we should have it set up before the baby arrived. I guess that was a good idea because it took two adults about forty-five minutes to get it set up. Now I could snap that thing together one-handed, in the dark, underwater. Continue reading “10 Things I Have Learned From Motherhood”