20 Questions 

Do you ever wonder what your child really thinks about you?  In graduate school, I had a class with a woman who had done a survey like this with her kids. In response to the question, “What does Mommy like to do best?” her son drew a picture of her washing the dishes. It ended up being the inspiration for her to go back to school and get her teaching certification!

Simple right? Now it’s your turn. Without any prompting, ask your child these 20 questions. Write down exactly what they say. If you feel like it, post your answers in the comments. Continue reading “20 Questions “

5 Non-Casserole Food Ideas to Bring to a Family With a New Baby

5 Non-Casserole Ideas

I have a confession, I am terrible at bringing food to my friends who have just had babies. I worry that they won’t like my style of cooking, or that the dish will taste terrible, or not travel well to their house, or not adhere to someone’s dietary guidelines. I’m guilty of sometimes staying away and not bringing much of anything at all.

I created this list as a reminder to myself that bringing food over to someone doesn’t always mean you need to bake casserole or make a full meal and often it’s even better if you bring something like these ideas instead. 

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