Three Terrible Days in Montreal

Recently our family took a trip to Montreal.

My husband and I thought it would be the perfect mini-vacation because it’s the closest city to where we live and even though it’s still cold outside, there is a lot to see and do. The highlight of the trip was supposed to be the Biodome, which is sort of like an indoor zoo.

The first problem occurred even before we left our house when I realized that my passport had expired a month ago. Everyone over the age of 16 needs a valid passport or enhanced driver’s license to get into Canada and back into the United States. Having an expired passport was really bad. It should have been an omen for what to expect from the rest of the trip. But we had already booked and paid to rent an Airbnb in Montreal. There was no changing the plans or cancelling. We would just have to drive up to the border and try our luck. Continue reading “Three Terrible Days in Montreal”

When You Least Expect It

BeachIt was the perfect day at the beach.

We were having an amazing vacation on Cape Cod the week after Labor Day and everything was going even better than we expected. The sun was shining, the beach wasn’t crowded, and all three members of the family were in a great mood at the exact same time. Wolfy was having a blast playing in waves, playing in the sand, and making little friends on the beach.

My husband and I were sitting in the warm shallow water, talking about nothing when… Wham! Out of nowhere something smashed into the back of my skull with incredible force.

Continue reading “When You Least Expect It”

Fourteen Hours of Airplane Travel with a Toddler – A Diary

View from Airplane Window
The Cast:

The Mommy– a 30 year old woman, thirteen weeks pregnant
The Husband – a 32 year old man, who just wants to read his book in peace and instead has to carry all of the luggage
Wolfy – a toddler boy aged 2.5 years, “functioning” on seven hours of sleep Continue reading “Fourteen Hours of Airplane Travel with a Toddler – A Diary”


MargaritaIt wasn’t the poop incident that caused me to fall apart. Nope. I was rock solid through that whole debacle.

Every parent has a poop story. I hope this one is mine because I can’t imagine a story that could be worse. I’m really not looking for something to top this.

Our two-year-old son, Wolfy, and I were tagging along on my husband’s work trip. While my husband was in meetings, I brought Wolfy to a playground. Wolfy is potty-training so when he says he has to go, he really has to go. As we were leaving the playground, Wolfy told me he needed to pee. I scanned the area and there were no bathrooms anywhere. There were no stores anywhere either. Quickly, I led Wolfy into a nearby patch of woods. Continue reading “Snapshots”